101 FM

Welcome to Radio 101

This page and our station are currently under construction. However, we are on the air and we do have a couple of live shows. See the schedule below!

Below you'll see the live shows up to Friday. The live shows for Saturday and Sunday,

will be announced later this week. Remember you can listen online or,

 if you live in the Berakas and Bandar areas you can also listen on FM 101.00.

Day                                                           The Show

Thursday 4 - 7 pm                                     The R&G Show

Friday 8 - 11 am                                        The BIG Breakfast Show

Friday 12 - 2 pm                                        O - Level Exam Preparation

Friday 4 - 7 pm                                          The R&G Show

Check back soon to get updates on the live shows for Saturday and Sunday!