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Welcome to Radio 101Brunei, the Station for our Generation, providing news, views and reviews across education, sports and entertainment. On this site, you'll find out more about digital radio in Brunei. This page contains a wide range of links to a host of interests from education to entertainment.

Radio 101Brunei was launched to improve the educational experience of students and teachers by enticing listeners to participate in an online interactive forum. Our goal is to have every Bruneian school participate in our programmes which are based on partnerships between radio educators and listeners.

The Sounds of Words, our interactive enrichment programme creating stories, reporting and interviewing is geared to cause a stir! We have customised Radio101Brunei, by adding links and photos to keep you up-to-date with the latest news on our station Blog. Our presenters go the extra mile to add audio and video clips as well as provide a forum for you to share your thoughts on air!

We offer immediate instructor feedback and clarification, uninterrupted reviews, and the pace of each lesson is convenient for all students. Our personal relationship approach helps us to help you! You now have unlimited access to the world of Radio Education and Entertainment. Your One-Stop Educational Service Provider broadcasting 24/7, 365 on FM101!! So why not off-load your concerns on us and let us help you fix them!



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